Hollywood veteran Jon Voight has urged his fellow Americans to kick U.S. President Barack Obama out of office, insisting the "world needs" rival politician Mitt Romney in the White House.
Voight has thrown his support behind Republican candidate Romney in the run up to the U.S. election in November (12), accusing incumbent leader Obama of "weakening" the country since he came to power in 2008.
On Thursday (30Aug12), Clint Eastwood caused a sensation at the Republican National Convention in Florida when he called for Romney to replace Obama as U.S. leader - and now Midnight Cowboy star Voight has spoken out to insist only Romney can "fix" the country's economical issues.
He tells Sky News, "The last three and a half years in America has (sic) been a really rough three and a half years, and I know we have been weakened in every way, so it's not hard to find someone who is better than the present president, but Mitt Romney is especially gifted in the things that we need as a nation and really, I believe, what the world needs.
"We are facing an economical crisis on a world scale and we need somebody who is a fixer, somebody who solves problems and is a leader and takes things on, and that is what he is."