Hollywood beauty ANGELINA JOLIE stayed in the same Californian hotel as her estranged father Jon Voight last weekend (06-07NOV04) - but the pair never spoke a word to each other.

The brunette actress, 29, was promoting her latest film Alexander at Century City's St Regis Hotel, while her OSCAR-winning father was publicising National Treasure, only a few floors away.

Despite American magazine US WEEKLY reports this week (ends12NOV04) claiming Jolie introduced Voight to her adopted son MADDOX for the first time ever at the hotel during a friendly reconciliation, Voight sadly admits they are still not speaking.

He says, "I love my daughter, I'm crazy about my daughter and I will not stop sending her my messages of love and will keep trying to reach her always."

On Sunday (07NOV04) at the hotel, Jolie explained, "I do not see any reconciliation with my father ever, no. There's only so much energy in this life, I don't want him to make my stomach go into knots anymore. I don't want to worry about my son having problems with him as he grows up."

Jolie has been angry with her famous parent for many years, blaming his infidelity to her mother MARCHELINE BERTRAND during her childhood.

The actors reconciled long enough to play father and daughter in 2001 blockbuster Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, but became estranged again in 2002 when Voight told the world's press about Jolie's adoption of Maddox without her consent.

The same year, Voight went on a US chat show to plead with his daughter to get help for her alleged "mental problems", saying, "I'm sorry I haven't come forward and addressed these serious mental problems she has spoken about, but I have tried in every way. They're very serious symptoms of real problems and real illness."

12/11/2004 13:55