Jon Stewart, the television presenter and satirist, accidently slashed his wrist during a sketch on Monday evening's (6th June 2011) 'Daily Show'. Jon Stewart was midway through a skit concerning Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner's 'Twitter scandal', when he cut his wrist on a broken margarita glass, reports the Los Angeles Times.
Stewart was expected to deliver a tirade of satirical content surrounding Weiner but audiences were instead treated to just a few cursory jokes about the politician's well-toned chest. The presenter has reportedly been close friends with the congressman for over 20 years. During his mild criticism of the politician, Stewart pulled out a blender and began fixing himself a strawberry margarita. However, he accidently sliced open his right wrist on a shard of glass, before bluntly saying, "That's not good". Correspondent John Oliver took over the show's next segment, telling Stewart, "That's a genuine problem. That's a genuine problem". After holding up his bloodied hand to the cameras, the 48-year-old said, "We better hurry up this ... bit because I am bleeding out!".
Jon Stewart's friend Anthony Weiner is facing extreme pressure to quit his role as congressman following his confession that he sent lewd photos of himself to women via Facebook and Twitter.