Despite reports that YouTube had taken down thousands of clips of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert after receiving a demand to do so from Comedy Central, thousands of other clips still remained, Reuters reported on Monday. The wire service said that Viacom, Comedy Central's corporate parent, was continuing to hold discussions with YouTube about a deal that could see the purged clips restored on the site. Indeed, today's (Tuesday) New York Post said that all but the longer clips from the Stewart and Colbert shows were now being allowed. CBS, which had been part of the Viacom family until the company split in half earlier this year, already has a deal in place with YouTube, allowing the website to offer some of the network's most popular programs. Meanwhile, the social-networking site MySpace said Monday that it will not wait to hear from copyright owners before removing unauthorized material and would use a "file filtering application" from a company called Gracenote to hunt down such material and pull it off.