Hollywood producer Jon Peters has sparked reports he's at the centre of a new police investigation - weeks after reportedly violating his parole from a driving under the influence (DUI) charge in 2006.
The Superman Returns moviemaker faced a possible prison stint earlier this month (Nov08) for the violations, after pleading no contest to the DUI charge in February 2006.
In addition to the probation, he was ordered to complete community service with Homeboy Industries, an organisation which helps former gang members clean up their act after prison.
But a recent visit from an officer from the Santa Barbara sheriff's department has sparked reports he's in more legal trouble.
A source tells the New York Post, "Facing the likelihood that he might go to jail for violating his probation, Peters invited a dozen youths from Father Greg Boyle's nationally acclaimed Homeboy Industries to spend the weekend at his Santa Barbara-area ranch.
"For reasons unknown, Santa Barbara sheriff's deputies were dispatched to Peters' ranch on a recent weekend afternoon."
The Sheriff's Office confirmed officers received a "miscellaneous call" regarding Peters' El Capitan Horse Ranch but no incident was reported in the records.
Peters also faces two sexual harassment suits filed by female former employees.
Christine Nicholson, the manager of his ranch, said, "I really can't give you any information."
Peters is scheduled to return to court on 16 January (09) to address his alleged parole violations - including failure to complete an alcohol education program, not reporting to his probation officer, and failure to complete 40 hours of community service.