LATEST: The ex-wife of movie mogul Jon Peters has hit back at his claim she's trying to extort funds by demanding child support for her kids. The SUPERMAN RETURNS producer is taking legal action to evict Christine Forsyth-Peters and her two children from his Hollywood mansion, where they have lived for 11 years. Last week (13JUL06) Peters' attorney said, "Despite the fact their marriage only lasted two months... 16 years later, Christine is trying to extract more money from Jon. For some, there is never enough money to be taken from the kindhearted and generous." But a seething Christine retorts she has been entirely misrepresented. Her lawyer, SORRELL TROPE, tells, "This case raises critical issues concerning the rights of children where a person, albeit not the natural parent, has acted as their parent for an extended period of time. "The man they have known as their father is now denying he is their parent. The issue is not whether Ms. Peters is seeking to reopen her divorce with Mr Peters and extract more money. Mr Peters inserted himself into the children's lives and established a long-lasting bond with them. Ms Peters seeks merely to protect the rights and needs on behalf of her children."