LATEST: Funnyman Jon Lovitz is deadly serious after urging former pal Andy Dick to "avoid me like the plague" after the two comics came to blows at a Hollywood comedy club last week (18Jul07). Rat Race star Lovitz attacked DICk after a show at his regular Wednesday night Laugh Factory stand-up performance when the bespectacled comic refused to apologise for once threatening his fellow comedian's life. Lovitz growls, "I was just waiting for him to say he was sorry, and he didn't. I lost my temper. If I see him again I would do the same thing." The two former friends fell out a decade ago (97) when Lovitz accused DICk of re-addicting tragic comedian Phil Hartman's wife to cocaine - just months before she shot her husband. And then a year ago (06), Lovitz claims DICk threatened his life when they met at a restaurant. He recalls, "He looks at me and says, 'I put the Phil Hartman hex on you. You're the next one to die.' "He threatened my life. Everybody's thanking me for beating him up... I think he should avoid me like the plague."