Former S CLUB bandmember Jon Lee was never given the chance to be the lead singer on the chart-topping band's hit songs.

The blonde singer was left furious after being the only member of the DON'T STOP MOVIN' hitmakers not to sing lead vocals on any of their tracks, despite performing live on numerous occasions.

But Jon, who is headed to London's West End stage to take the lead role in hit musical Les Miserables, is delighted to be free to

use his talents properly.

He says, "It was weird because they'd let me sing when it was the live concerts. Then they'd put me up at the front and I'd get to do solos. I could pick whatever song I wanted and do covers and stuff on tour.

"But they never let me do it on any of the records. Maybe they didn't think I was poppy enough."

27/07/2003 21:05