Author Jon Krakauer has penned the foreword to a new book written by tragic adventurer Chris Mccandless' sister, which details the abuse her brother suffered at the hands of their parents.

Krakauer wrote Into the Wild about MCCandless' attempts to survive in remote Alaska and his book inspired Sean Penn's acclaimed 2007 movie of the same name.

Now the late adventurer's sister Carine MCCandless has written a new book, The Wild Truth, detailing the verbal abuse that drove her brother into the wild.

She tells, "I think it's important for people to have the facts... I don't blame my parents for his death, but I hold them accountable for his disappearance."

MCCandless was 24 when a hunter found his lifeless body in an abandoned school bus in 1992. Reports suggest he died after ingesting poisoned berries.

His sister's book details the siblings' childhood in the suburbs of Washington, D.C, revealing her father, a successful aerospace engineer, was a heavy drinker who fought a lot.