LATEST: NAPOLEON DYNAMITE star Jon Heder is convinced actress Selma Blair is responsible for his broken ankle, because five minutes before the accident she told him to "break a leg". The actor was training for his ice-skating comedy BLADES OF GLORY and chatted with the LEGALLY BLONDE star, who was at the same rink taking private skating lessons. He explains, "I blame it on Selma Blair. She happened to be there the same day, in the same rink. "I went up and we talked a little bit. (As I was leaving) she was like, 'All right, see you - it looks like you're doing a good job. Break a leg - just kidding!" "And literally five minutes later, I broke my foot. It snapped and I went 'Selma!' "So if I ever see her again, I'll be like, 'Your fault!'"