The much anticipated season four finale of 'Mad Men' aired last night (October 17th 2010) with Jon Hamm'S character 'Don Draper', proposing to his secretary 'Megan', played by Jessica Pare. Elsewhere, audiences witnessed 'Betty Draper' fire the family maid 'Carla', and Peggy Olson bringing in new business to the advertising agency.
However, certain reviews of the episode have highlighted the lack of 'major revelations', especially for a season finale, and MTV News said, "Sunday night's episode of "Mad Men" - the last of season four - couldn't help but be disappointing". In the episode, entitled, 'Tomorrowland', Don somewhat surprisingly asked Megan to marry him while the pair visited Disneyland with his children. However, he used the engagement ring that was given to him by the widow of the man's identity he stole, another reminder of Draper's dark past. It was also revealed that Office Manager Joan did indeed keep the baby, which is to Roger Sterling and not her husband, a storyline that has been the subject of much speculation amongst fans.
However, the finale didn't fulfil expectation according to MTV, who summarised, "While a bad episode of "Mad Men" is still better than most good episodes of just about anything else, Sunday night's finale couldn't help but feel a little hollow".