Jon Hamm doesn't just want to be known as "that 60s guy".

The 'Mad Men' actor confesses he is excited to star in Ben Affleck's latest movie 'The Town' because it means people may know him for something other than Don Draper in the TV show he is most famous for.

He said: "It's a classic setup movie, and as such in today's landscape - crowded with vampires and cartoon robots - it feels strangely innovative.

"I get to wear a flak jacket, and pump a shotgun - it felt like something else, something different to just that 60s guy."

However, the 39-year-old star admits he is not complacent about having a decent job, as he waited three years after moving to Los Angeles to find professional work.

He told GQ magazine: "Los Angeles is a very big place by virtue of its scope and size. Even when you are working, you tend to find you have a lot of free time, so that can be kind of overwhelming, with The Days blending into one another. All that rejection, the castings, the waiting and waiting - it can be very demoralising."