Jon Hamm thinks Justin Timberlake is a style icon.

The 'Man Men' actor claims the suave singer is the best dressed man in pop and admires his confidence on the red carpet and ability to pull off any look.

Asked whose wardrobe he'd most like to raid, John revealed: ''I'm a big fan of Justin Timberlake. I think he's a trendsetter, as they say. But he's always been kind of a natty dresser. [He's] a very fashion-forward kind of guy.''

Jon has become something of a trendsetter himself due to his role as smartly-dressed advertising executive Don Draper in the hit 60s-set show. However, he can't forgive Justin for one of the most infamous fashion fails in showbiz, when he and then girlfriend Britney Spears rocked up at the 2001 American Music Awards in matching denim outfits.

The actor joked: ''That one unfortunate picture of him in that denim tuxedo excused.''

This isn't the first time Justin has been praised for his slick style, as designer Tom Ford recently jumped at the chance to create looks for the crooner's music video for his new single, 'Suit & Tie'.

Tom commented: ''I adore Justin. He has innate style and enormous talent. It has been such a pleasure and honour to work with him throughout this entire creative process.''