Jon Hamm is pleased he found fame later in life.

The 'Mad Men' actor got his big break at the age of 36 and he is pleased success didn't happen for him at an earlier age because he wouldn't have been able to cope with it.

He said: ''I think if you find crazy success at a very young age, then it can be quite dangerous. The road to celebrity is littered with people who got too much too soon and weren't equipped to handle it.''

Jon has been with his girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt for 15 years and thinks one of the reasons for their success is because they've not really been in the spotlight.

He said: ''I don't think there's a secret. Any relationship is challenging when you're under the microscope we've put ourselves under, but it's your personal life and it remains personal.''

Jon also says people constantly come up to him and offer to buy him drinks as they think he's like his 'Mad Men' character, the heavy-drinking and womanising Don Draper.

He told Britain's InStyle magazine: ''People tend to buy me a lot of drinks. I find myself having to turn down many of them - no one can really drink as much as Don Draper.''