Jon Hamm appears to be sick and tired of feuding with Kim Kardashian, admitting he is ready to move on from their well-publicized disagreement. The Mad Men actor first began the exchanges by suggesting celebrity culture is rewarding talentless personalities, offering Kardashian and Paris Hilton as examples.
The reality star took to her Twitter page to claim she "respected" the award-winning actor but labelled his views "careless", leading Hamm to claim his remarks were not meant to be personal. Speaking to the New York Daily News on Tuesday (March 20, 2012), Hamm finally backed down, saying, "I've come to the realization that 'WarGames' had it correct in 1983.The only way to win is not to play. So that's all I've got to say about that now". The actor had seemed baffled by the worldwide media attention his comments in Elle Uk magazine quickly received. In the interview he said, "Whether it's Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated.Being a f*cking idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture because you're rewarded significantly."