SWINGERS star Jon Favreau is still bitter about his first encounter with Jack Nicholson, because the movie great kept him waiting while he went to a basketball game.

Favreau was among hundreds of Chicago, Illinois extras hired to film a riot scene in 1992 movie HOFFA, and he recalls having to work every night for a week.

Favreau was particularly upset one night when Nicholson failed to show because he was watching a LOS ANGELES LAKERS vs CHICAGO BULLS basketball game that the cast and crew weren't allowed to even listen to on their radios.

He recalls, "The Lakers were playing the Bulls in the finals; it was like a huge deal and we were all out there because, in a riot scene, you've gotta go out there from like dusk 'til dawn and shoot all night.

"We did that for a week and they would grease our hair up and it was supposed to be the 40s, so they put us in period clothing and we're all sitting out there waiting for Nicholson to come out and be Hoffa and make us fight.

"We can't listen to our radios, we can't hear the Bulls game, but somebody's wearing a Walkman and he was like, 'Son of a bitch... Nicholson's at the game.'

"So we were waiting on our marks like all night for Nicholson to show up and he's at the game... I mentioned that to him when I worked with him on Something's Gotta Give."

16/05/2005 02:51