Movie stars Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn were treated like "losers" while they were making cult film SWINGERS - by the very people who are now desperate to appear in their movies.

Nine years ago (96) the pals adopted guerilla filming techniques to shoot scenes in hip Los Angeles bars and clubs without paying for the privilege or asking permission.

And Vaughn recalls their more successful peers, who will remain nameless, mocked them from across the room.

He tells COMPLEX magazine, "We'd be in the bar shooting and there'd be all these people, all these barflies, just rolling their eyes a us.

"(They'd be) like, 'Look at these guys, these guys just don't get it. They really got together their small movie and they're really trying to do something. What a bunch of f**king losers.'

"They looked at us like we were totally off the reservation."

11/04/2005 21:39