Rocker Jon Bon Jovi is keen for his burgeoning movie career to be as successful as his music career.

The BLAZE OF GLORY singer has so far appeared in a handful of movies and in cancelled TV series Ally Mcbeal, but he's now determined to make a greater mark on Hollywood.

He says, "I'd like to have my movie career catch up with the music career."

But the 41-year-old insists he definitely won't be moving to Hollywood, because he can't tolerate the people who live there.

He says, "Never! The Hollywood types all have lots of money and bulls**t and 'babe' you to death. All those egos."

However, he admires more leftfield artists for the roles they bring to the big screen, adding, "Sean Penn is my ultimate guy. JOHNNY DEPP I think the world of, John Cusack just slays me, JIMMY (James) SPADER I think is a bad**s. I would have killed for his role in SECRETARY. That would be against type, but I could pull that one off real well."

But big-buget popcorn flicks are not his type at all. Bon Jovi says, "I saw The Matrix Reloaded and I'm still p***ed off - I want my money back. You couldn't drag me to X-Men and those kind of movies."

05/06/2003 21:21