Jon Bon Jovi has accused Apple and its Ceo Steve Jobs of "killing music".
Jon Bon Jovi, the American singer-songwriter who has reportedly sold over 100 million albums worldwide, says technology giant Apple and it's chief executive Steve Jobs are to blame for the death of music, reports the Sunday Times Magazine.The 49-year-old claims that the music industry has undergone a transformation since Apple introduced the iPod and iTunes. He said, "Kids today have missed the whole experience of putting the headphones on, turning it up to 10, holding the jacket, closing their eyes and getting lost in an album". The singer then singled out Steve Jobs as being 'personally' responsible, saying, "I hate to sound like an old man now, but I am, and you mark my words, in a generation from now people are going to say: What happened? Steve Jobs is personally responsible for killing the music business".
Jon Bon Jovi's band Bon Jovi was recognised by Billboard Magazine as being the most profitable touring group of 2010. The band's 'Circle Tour' reportedly raised over $146 million after playing to a total audience of 1.5 million people.