Rocker Jon Bon Jovi insists on a "no thug policy" for the ARENA FOOTBALL LEAGUE team he co-owns and has sacked top players for being unruly.

The Bon Jovi frontman, who co-owns the PHILADELPHIA SOUL indoor American football team, believes there are too many bad role models playing sport in the US and he expects his players to be model citizens.

He says, "I look at these guys and I want a winner on the field, but, more importantly, off the field because if we don't make our presence felt in the community and really endear ourselves to those people, I'd be going to a (Philadelphia) EAGLES game.

"I think we can be difference makers. So, if a guy wants to play a thug and jump into the stands and start a fight, he might as well keep on going up the stairs because you're gone.

"I did what I said I would do - I got rid of some of our premier players."

06/02/2005 23:23