Rocker Jon Bon Jovi insists he will grow old gracefully, unlike other ageing musicians.

The LIVIN' ON A PRAYER hitmaker has been with the chart topping band for almost 20 years, and will perform in London's HYDE PARK this month (JUN03) in front of 80,000 fans.

And at 41, Bon Jovi is fast approaching middle age, but he will face his encroaching years head-on.

He says, "I don't see myself ever getting rappers on my records, or doing polkas, or teaming up with string quartets.

"And I'm not gonna be 50 years old, painting my fingernails black and saying 'Duuuuude!' That's not me. I'm gonna grow old in front of you - the way I grew up in front of you."

And, despite his worldwide success, Bon Jovi still bemoans the fact people perceive him for his image and not his music.

He says, "I remember being on the cover of ROLLING STONE the first time and all the female journalist had to ask were sex questions. I was thinking, 'Wow, I've worked so hard all my life, it's my third record, I've really done something cool, it's really selling a lot of records, and she's, 'Who cut your hair? Can you take your shirt off ?'

"It really bugged me. Now I just think it's boring."

05/06/2003 17:15