Rocker Jon Bon Jovi called on three-time SUPER BOWL-winning coach BILL BELICHICK when he needed advice about starting up an American football franchise - because he didn't know anything about the business side of the sport.

Bon Jovi, a co-owner of Arena Football League newcomers PHILADELPHIA SOUL, called NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS coach Belichick for tips on where to get equipment and players when he was starting up the team three years ago (02).

He says, "We don't have a staff of NFL (NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE) people (while) 10 of the 19 teams in our league are owned by the (DENVER) BRONCOS and the (Dallas) COWBOYS and so on.

"We don't have an affiliation, so I don't have a personnel department. (When I started) I didn't have a shoulder pad; I had an idea.

"I had to ask Bill about, 'How do I get shoulder pads?' - really silly questions... The learning curve was quick. It was dramatic."

Bon Jovi's Soul have already become one of the most successful franchises in the Arena Football League.

07/02/2005 21:23