Jon Bon Jovi is proud he didn't let a torn calf muscle affect his band's sell-out stadium shows this summer (10), insisting he was in "unbelievable pain" but carried on for the sake of his fans.
The singer injured his leg on stage at the New Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey during Bon Jovi's concert at the venue in July (10).
The frontman refused to halt the performance and carried on with a pronounced limp, and he went on to honour every one of the band's subsequent tour dates.
Bon Jovi admits he struggled through the shows, but he's happy he never gave up, telling talk show host Larry King, "I did four nights at the New Meadowlands Stadium... Fourth night we're playing, we're in the encore, I'm about to really go for the full three hours and worked two-plus hours. And I popped my calf muscle, literally tore it on the stage.
"I was in such pain... I sort of zigged when I should have zagged. And I felt the shock (on the) back of the calf, an unbelievable pain. But I saw that on YouTube. And you know... I was still in tune, I was still in time, but I was hobbling like a madman. And they had to carry me off. And I played the next 14 shows. I didn't miss one."