Jon Bon Jovi is keen for rock group Bon Jovi to avoid going down THE Rolling Stones route of touring into their fifties - even if the decision costs him a fortune.

The LIVING ON A PRAYER singer, 42, is keen for the hugely-successful band to end on a high and is willing to miss out on making millions through world comeback tours to preserve their good name.

Jon says, "I don't want to be living on a nostalgia trip from here on in.

"We don't want to be an old band playing the same numbers over and over. Others do it and it puts me off.

"For example, I love Rolling Stones, but I don't want to be doing what they are doing when I reach their age."

The band's current release - THIS LEFT FEELS RIGHT - is their 11th and possibly final album. It contains 12 acoustic versions of Bon Jovi's best-known numbers.

31/03/2004 17:02