Jon Bon Jovi is glad he turned his back on his wildman years - he grew sick of "bouncing off the walls" at all-night parties.
The Bon Jovi frontman admits he would down bottles of booze just to grab some sleep on tour, and confesses he no longer relishes life on the road.
He says, "It's based on jet lag and hotel rooms and drinking yourself to sleep because you're bored and restless. The sounds of silence are deafening. I go from a stage in front of 70,000 people to sitting in a hotel room, and your heart's racing, and it's... You know, it's my job. It's what I do. I'm not complaining but it is what it is."
The 47-year-old singer is also adamant he wouldn't want to go back to the early days in the band when they toured constantly for four years.
He adds, "F**k no! I wouldn't want to be 25 years old and bouncing off the walls and doing all the great kids' stuff that we did. But it's not like (these days) I'm reading a book and going to bed, trust me. I'll be uncorking a bottle of wine and sitting in some restaurant and eating and going home. It's a progression. I grew up in public."