LATEST: Jon Bon Jovi has apologised to Madonna after wrongly accusing her of exploiting her children by proudly displaying them at movie premieres.

The LIVIN' ON A PRAYER hitmaker berated the pop superstar for allowing LOURDES, nine, and ROCCO, five, to attend public events, advising her to shield them from media intrusion.

But the 43-year-old soon realised his mistake after the MATERIAL GIRL hit back, insisting her children had never attended a single film opening.

He says, "I put my foot in my mouth recently with a comment about Madonna. Let me apologise because I don't know the woman."

However, the rocker continues to express distaste for publicity hungry celebrities: "There are celebrities who will go out of their way to get their picture in the paper and I just think that is a load of rubbish."

Lourdes and Rocco have since been photographed attending the Harry Potter AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE premiere in London on 12 November (05).