The star, who is famous for her noughties hits Leave (Get Out) and Too Little Too Late, made the comments during an interview with British newspaper The Sun (11Mar16).

In 2009 JoJo successfully sued her record label Da Family Entertainment following years of disputes and album delays.

"Yeah, I can relate to feeling imprisoned and knowing you have a fan base that's hungry for music and you're not allowed to release to them," said the star, who's real name is Joanna Levesque.

"I was 12 when I signed my contract and I thought that at 18 I'd be like, 'Ok now can we just nullify that contract?' That was not the case for me," she added.

Tik Tok singer Kesha recently lost a court battle with her record label Sony Music to be released from her contract. The court case came after the singer alleged producer Dr Luke sexually and verbally assaulted her.

Fans and celebrities, such as Lady Gaga, have come out in support of the star with some demonstrators staging protests outside Sony's New York office.

The producer filed an unsuccessful counter-suit against Kesha and her mum for defamation and extortion, alleging that the star threatened to go public with sexual assault claims unless he released her from the management contract she signed when she was 18.

JoJo successfully sued her old label, after it was revealed that it was illegal for her to have signed a contract as a minor, in a court battle that lasted more than seven years.

Now with new record label Interscope JoJo says she has finally been able to move on, and releases her third studio album this year.

"I feel for her deeply as a woman," the star continued. "It's a bummer. It's really f***ing whack."

For Jojo it's all about surrounding yourself with the right people, admitting she'd love to duet with Oscar winning singer Sam Smith because he has a good "spirit," and "is a real sweet heart".