R+B star JoJo is delighted by the news Prince and Amy Winehouse are to collaborate - as she idolises both stars. The Leave singer admits she'd love to work with music legend Prince, although doesn't think she's high-profile enough yet to warrant a track with the Purple Rain singer. And she insists she went on a one-woman PR spree in the US for Winehouse on her last visit to the UK. She says, "One of my idols who I want to work with is Prince - although he probably has no idea who I am, and I doubt I would ever get to work with him. He is amazing, I would love to work with him. "When I was last in the UK a couple of months ago, I picked up her (Winehouse's) album and brought it back home. No-one had heard of her, but I played it to my friends and I just thought it was great." Earlier this week (begs07May07), Prince invited Winehouse to join him on stage during his series of 21 London shows in August (07).