LATEST: Rapper K-CI has slammed reports stating his brother JoJo collapsed drunk onstage at a recent Jodeci reunion gig in Sydney - insisting he had a epileptic fit on-stage.
The R+B group infuriated fans at a show at Enmore Theatre in Sydney, Australia on Saturday (23Aug08) after founding member Donald DeGrate apparently pulled out, leaving brothers Cedric and Joel Hailey - who perform together under the name K-Ci and JoJo - to take the stage.
Revellers booed and threw bottles at the stage as the duo seemingly forgot song lyrics and, at one point, even sat down.
The gig was thrown into further chaos after JoJo appeared to pass out, lying still as a security guard came on stage to pick up the star's microphone.
And K-CI is eager to explain JoJo's collapse was due to a medical condition, which was brought on due to their intensive travel schedule before the show.
He explains, "In case people don't know, and I wanna bring this public now: my brother is epileptic. We started to cancel the show because he had a seizure the night before we had to get on the plane (for Sydney). We did a 20 hour flight then got right on stage. I knew my brother was gonna get sick because of that, man. When we do the song "Crazy" JoJo lays out on the ground, and that's part of the show...but (what happened) wasn't part of the show."
And the star urges fans to believe his story, insisting their were no drugs involved in causing the chaotic show.
He adds, "I applaud my brother for even attempting to come out and perform...and nobody on drugs. If you (are) a real fan you'll believe what I'm saying...people don't know the truth so shut you (sic) mouth!"