Johnny Weir, the three-time US figure skating champion who has often deflected questions concerning his sexuality, had admitted that he is gay in his new autobiography. Weir's announcement came in a preview excerpt of the book published in People Magazine.
In the autobiography, titled 'Welcome to My World', the 26-year-old writes, "I'm not ashamed to be me. More than anyone else I know, I love my life and accept myself. What's wrong with being unique? I am proud of everything that I am and will become". In recent years, Weir has brushed aside talk of his sexuality by insisting he doesn't want to be "defined by labels", however, in the book he adds, "All the gay websites couldn't figure out why I was such a jerk that I wouldn't talk about it....The massive backlash against me in the gay media and community only made me dig my 'closeted' heels in further". The figure skater says watching actor Richard Gere in the hit movie 'Pretty Woman' was when he first realised that he was homosexual, adding that he "wanted to be Julia Roberts so badly".
Weir, who says he may look to qualify for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, released the autobiography on 11th January 2011.