LISA MARIE PRESLEY struggles to sing new song WHEN YOU GO live because she wrote it as pal Johnny Ramone was dying.

The rocker reveals she penned the poignant song when she learned Ramone was fighting for life in hospital while she was on a flight from Los Angeles to New York.

She says, "He made it out of the hospital, and he lived for three more months; but it was a really hard song to sing because I realised that it applied to him just as much as it applied to everything else I was writing about."

But she relishes singing another new song, IDIOT: "That is about somebody who I went through years of hell with before I finally just went, 'You know what? I've just had it with your a**. I'm going to shoot you at point blank, right between the eyes, and nail you right where I see you.'

"It's just a good 'f**k you' song."

20/04/2005 09:13