Johnny Marr has paved the way for a reunion with Morrissey.

The guitarist - who quit The Smiths in 1987 because of differences with the singer - admits the legendary band are unlikely to reform, but he hasn't ruled out working with the 'First of the Gang to Die' star again.

Asked about the possibility of the duo ever sharing a stage again, Johnny told BANG Showbiz: "I doubt it very much, unless he's interested in guesting with one of the bands I'm in, so I don't think that's going to happen really for some reason.

"Modest Mouse are on a hiatus at the moment but we're a real bunch of super-grown ups and I can play with them any time I like. I probably will be popping up on a few of their records but I'm in The Cribs, they're the band I get in a van with and go on sound checks with and live with at the moment."

Earlier this year, Morrissey admitted he didn't understand why people wanted The Smiths to reform for a series of concerts, because they rarely performed live at the height of their success.

He said: "It confuses me I don't know why people go on about it, wanting something that isn't there.

"The Smiths didn't tour that much really, not worldwide. But it was of its time. The songs are very strong so that make me everlasting.

"The offer reports are very impressive but it's simply another time and it isn't now, it's just not my life now."