Rocker Johnny Marr left his native Britain to make his debut solo album, taking inspiration from the sights and sounds of Germany instead.

The former The Smiths guitarist wanted to immerse himself in a "European atmosphere" after previously working with U.S. band Modest Mouse, so he jetted out to a studio in Berlin.

He tells Bbc 6 Music, "I needed, I wanted to get out of England, but I wanted to keep a European atmosphere. I didn't want to go to America. You need to change things up really to keep it fresh, and Berlin's got a really interesting atmosphere. So I did quite a lot of the vocals there, and some of the guitars (and) I finished off some of the lyrics there.

"I've been in an American band for quite a long time with Modest Mouse and it was important that subconsciously I felt like I was in Europe. Personally, I regard myself as a European person."

Marr's highly-anticipated solo release is due out in February (13).