Johnny Marr has been inspired by the effects on the world of Donald Trump's ascent to become President of the United States and Brexit in the UK whilst making his new album.

The 54-year-old rocker is putting the finishing touches to his third solo album, which is due to be released in spring 2018.

Marr admits the turbulent political climate has found its way into his songs because the influence of British residents voting to leave the European Union and Trump's behaviour in the White House are hugely important to him.

Speaking in the new issue of Q magazine, he said: ''I was trying to imagine an alternative society. Because of what had happened with Brexit and Trump and everything, I came into this record really determined to not let those f**kwits impede on my creative life

''But you're living in this world and you can't do anything about it. So much of the record is about dislocation. Whether it's being forced by the political system or because of personal demons. I was trying to imagine an alternative society.''

When Marr was a member of legendary indie band The Smiths he and singer Morrissey were never afraid to tackle heavyweight social and political issues on albums such as 1985's 'Meat Is Murder' and 1986's 'The Queen Is Dead'.

However, Marr may find that his close friend Noel Gallagher is not a fan of his political tunes as he recently branded musicians who sing about the news as ''boring'', especially those obsessed with Trump.

When discussing the joyous outlook of his upcoming album 'Who Built The Moon?', the 50-year-old former Oasis star said: ''I think that it's very easy for guys with guitars to pick up those guitars these days and just sing about what's on the news. I don't know what the point of all of that is. I think to write songs in this day and age that are full of joy and hope, is almost revolutionary. I think that guitar music has become more about f***ing shouting, like Dave Grohl, what's he on about? Green Day, and the guy from Queens of the Stone Age, what are they shouting about? They're shouting about the f***ing news. Who wants to sing about the news?''

He added: ''The news is boring. Donald Trump is f***ing boring. Politics is boring. The little fat guy from North Korea, he looks funny, but he's f***ing boring. So why would you want to write music about that [stuff]? I think to write songs about joy and hope is f***ing revolutionary. There, I just said it, revolutionary.''

Marr plays guitars and harmonica on the track 'If Love Is The Law' on Noel's new LP 'Who Built The Moon?', his third solo offering.