Johnny Marr doesn't want to make ''clever'' music with ''depth''.

The former Smiths guitarist launched his solo career last year and was adamant he wanted to fill his album 'The Messenger' with songs that made people feel ''alive'' and were full of energy.

He told NME magazine: ''Quite often when musicians have been around for a long time, there's this expectation they should be making quite 'clever' mid-tempo music with loads of 'depth'.

''I'm not interested in depth. I want really loud drums. Flash riffs! Good slogans that make you feel alive. Get that done in three-and-a-half minutes, then do another one. Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. That's me.

''Sitting around, strumming acoustics? Nah, it's not my thing. No thanks.''

Johnny - who recently broke his hand after falling when out running - has almost finished work on his next album, which he says has a ''London feel''.

He said: ''I think I've got all the songs written now. It's cool. It's got a real London feel, this album. I'm recording it down there at a studio near the river - I want to capture this loud, busy, very modern place.''