Former JACKASS star Johnny Knoxville has grown to realise how cruel his family can be after they fooled a cousin's girlfriend into believing she was engaged.

The budding actor got much of his irreverent sense of humour from his dad, and he recently watched his parent and sister in full pranking action recently.

Knoxville says, "He and my sister played a good one on my cousin ROGER at Christmas (03). My cousin's been with this girl for a while, so they wrapped up a fake diamond ring and put it under the tree for her.

"She opened the box, saw the ring and started crying. She thought it was a proposal.

"Roger didn't know what to do. She was like, 'Oh my God. I never thought I was going to get one!' She got emotional, then got even more emotional when she found out it wasn't true.

"There was a little yelling and a little anger. But stuff's constantly being pulled among my family. It's expected."

10/03/2004 09:31