Johnny Knoxville insists he is as crazy as his Jackass persona - and once got stabbed at his friend's bachelor party.

Despite his new image as a big screen actor, the DUKES OF HAZZARD star wants to remind fans he is still a Jackass at heart.

He says, "I got stabbed at my friends bachelor party.

"It was pretty funny. I was trying to hail a cab and three guys yelled something at me from a car. I yelled something back and they got out got in my face and said, 'Come on, let's go.'

"I hit the first guy and the second guy and we just started fighting. And for once I was doing alright, until after about three minutes of fighting I noticed my wrist was slashed and my back was bleeding and wet. I was like, 'Oh god. I'm just going to go and drink.' I walked back to the bar and had a couple of shots.

"I slammed a coupled of shots and my friends drove me to the hospital."