Johnny Knoxville has begged the press to stop reporting he had an affair with his Dukes Of Hazzard co-star JESSICA SIMPSON - because it's upsetting their families.

The former Jackass funnyman was rumoured to have romanced the reality TV beauty on the set of the movie remake - despite the fact he's married to MELANIE CLAPP and Simpson is married to former boyband star, Nick Lachey.

Knoxville - real name PHILLIP CLAPP - says he's used to hurtful gossip, but his loved ones are finding it difficult to deal with.

He says, "Jessica and I are just friends. She's a great girl and all that, but all the rumours.

"I just take it in my stride, but it's kind of hurtful to the families that are involved."

18/07/2005 02:05