Stuntman Johnny Knoxville has poured praise on Jackass pal STEVE-O for sobering up after he staged an intervention to force the oddball star into rehab.
Knoxville reveals he hired six burly guys to help him and friends convince Steve-O to seek counselling for his alcohol problems, and managed to get the wreckless star into celebrity counsellor Dr. Drew Pinsky's clinic in Los Angeles for help.
The Dukes of Hazzard star says, "You know if I'm coming to get you to tell you you have a drinking problem, you have a problem... He was at rock bottom."
And Knoxville admits he was prepared for the intervention to get violent: "I said, 'If he doesn't want to go (to rehab), if he tries to run, knock him out."
Steve-O is now 11 months sober and has just been named among the celebrity contestants of the upcoming season of U.S. show Dancing With The Stars.
Knoxville says, "He's doing great and he's gonna kick butt on Dancing With The Stars. He's super co-ordinated; he was a trained circus clown... I'm so proud of him."