French rock star Johnny Hallyday insisted on kicking off his new tour in Los Angeles to pay tribute to the California doctors who saved his life in late 2009.
Medics performed corrective surgery on the veteran singer's back in December, 2009, weeks after a procedure to fix a herniated disc in Paris, France left him in critical condition.
Hallyday has previously admitted he came "very close to death" during the health crisis and he has American medics to thank for getting him back on his feet - so he decided to return to the road in the city he owes his life to.
He tells the Afp, "It's an American doctor who saved my life. It's thanks to him that I am here today.
"For me it's a bit like re-starting what I didn't finish the last time (his tour), in Los Angeles, the city where they saved my life. Morally, it's important for me."
Hallyday had to cancel his remaining Tour 66 dates after the surgery debacle. He will perform the first date on his 2012 tour at L.A.'s Orpheum Theatre on 24 April (12).