Actress KALEY CUOCO is struggling win back the support of producers behind her hit U.S. TV series THE BIG BANG THEORY - after she "almost killed" co-star Johnny Galecki in a motor accident.
Cuoco admits she loves being behind the wheel, even though she's a bad driver.
She tells America's Maxim magazine, "I've had so many (accidents), I can't even count."
But one dangerous crash with Galecki in the rear seat of a scooter almost ended in tragedy - and now show producers don't trust Cuoco when she gets in the driver's seat.
She explains, "(One) time I was driving a Vespa in the Dominican Republic with my castmate Johnny Galecki on the back like a little b**ch. I ran us right into the wall, and he went flying. I almost killed Johnny Galecki. I'm dead serous.
"I don't think the producers realise how much trouble I've been getting into. I want to take motorcycle lessons, but I don't know if anyone will let me at this point."