Johnny Foreigner Announce Winter 2010 UK Tour With Stagecoach

Johnny Foreigner Announce Winter 2010 UK Tour With Stagecoach

Alt-pop three-piece Johnny Foreigner continue their recent stint of insatiable productivity by announcing full details of their November / December tour with support from Alcopop! labelmates Stagecoach.

The label will be releasing a limited split 7" by the bands to coincide with the tour. They will contain both an original and exclusive track by each and then a cover of the other band as an additional B-side.

Tracklisting is:

Side 1

A Tru Punx - Johnny Foreigner

AA Not Even Giles (...Would Say We'll Be OK) - Stagecoach

Side 2

B - Good Luck with yr 45 - Johnny Foreigner (Stagecoach cover)

BB Salt, Peppa & Spinderella - Stagecoach (Johnny Foreigner cover)

Johnny Foreigner have also revealed the full, and lengthy, name of their new mini-album, available on 12", CD and digitally, which is due out in November:

"you thought you saw a shooting star but yr eyes were blurred with tears and that lighthouse can be pretty deceiving with the sky so clear and sea so calm"

The six track EP will contain the following songs:

1. the wind and the weathervanes

2. who needs comment boxes when you've got knives

3. elegy for post teenage living parts 1 and 2

4. robert scargill takes the prize

5. harriet, by proxy

6. yr loved

There will be 250 copies printed up and you will be able to buy the split from the Alcopop! website and from the bands directly at these dates: