Johnny English beauty Natalie Imbruglia was reduced to a terrified wreck when a stalker arrived at her English mansion - and demanded to move in with her.

The obsessed fan had travelled from the singer-turned-actress's native Australia, claiming he'd been summoned to her plush Windsor, Berkshire, abode by hidden messages in her song lyrics.

The unnamed man - who arrived carrying a suitcase, four large bags and a guitar - wandered around the house Imbruglia shares with her husband DANIEL JOHNS for three days before pressing the intercom and asking to speak to his 29-year-old idol.

Panicked Imbruglia immediately called police, who raced to the mansion and arrested the 44-year-old for harassment.

He has been detained under Britain's Mental Health Act until he answers bail on 30 November (04).

A friend of the actress tells UK newspaper The Sun, "Natalie is terrified of stalkers and this guy really freaked her out. He told police he couldn't see why they had arrested him because Natalie had summoned him - and he could prove it if they played back her songs.

"It's obviously quite sad but it was very scary for her."

19/11/2004 02:17