Johnny Depp loved working on the set of his new movie ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO so much, he begged director Robert Rodriguez for another part.

Depp wrapped up his part in the film in just eight days, thanks to movie-maker Rodriguez's famous speedy approach to movies, and he simply didn't want to go home to France.

Rodriguez says, "He'd never shot a full movie in eight days and at the end of that he was like, 'Is there anything else I can do, man?'

"He said, 'Who's playing the priest?' and I said I hadn't cast it yet. He said, 'How about I do a (MARLON) BRANDO voice and dress up as someone else? Can I do the priest before I leave?'

"So there's a confessional scene which wasn't supposed to feature Johnny Depp."

14/09/2003 21:22