The trailer for the upcoming movie 'The Tourist', starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, has hit the web. The film is directed by Academy Award winning German filmmaker FLORIAN HENCKEL VON DONNERSMARCK, and also stars Paul Bettany, RUFAS SEWELL, and Steven Berkoff.
'The Tourist', which is set for release on December 10th 2010, follows the story of an American tourist named Frank, played by Johnny Depp, who decides to take a vacation to Italy to try and heal his broken heart. However, during the trip he meets a woman named Elise, played by Jolie, who gets him caught up in a heap of trouble. The trailer suggests that the drama will also contain comedic elements too, mainly revolving around Depp's hapless character who, during one particular scene in the trailer, compares a murder charges to bad room service.
As well as 'The Tourist', 47-year-old Depp has also been working on the film adaptation of 'The Rum Diary', a semi-autobiographical novel by HUNTER S THOMSON, who Depp was good friends with. The story focuses on the plight of a freelance journalist who finds himself a critical turning point in his life while writing for a newspaper in the Caribbean. The film also stars Aaron Eckhart and will be released in 2011.