Johnny Depp's quietly anticipated new movie 'The Rum Diary' opens in theatres on Friday (28th October 2011), with early reaction suggesting the Hollywood star is finally back on track after a distinctly ordinary run of roles.
The 48-year-old plays Paul Kemp - a dishevelled journalist who arrives in Puerto Rico in the 1960's to drink and write. Based on the semi-autobiographical novel by gonzo writer Hunter S. Thompson, the movie sees Kemp ambling through the streets of San Juan, looking for scoops and befriending the locals. Following the poorly received 'The Tourist' and several turns as Capt. Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, critics are calling Depp's role in 'The Rum Diary' a return to form, echoing past performances in the likes of 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' and 'Blow'. Writing in the New York Daily News, Joe Neumaier notes "And then there's Depp.Tooling around the island's byways in a snappy convertible and skinny tie, he's Thompson the way the wild-man writer saw himself". Critic Roger Ebert explained in the Chicago Sun-Times, "Thompson had a speaking style that Depp re-creates accurately in The Rum Diary. He mutters in a low voice, as if marginally short on breath, or as if fearful of jarring something loose inside his head".
Anticipation is already building for several of the actor's upcoming movies, most notably, a remake of 'The Lone Ranger' and Tim Burton's movie adaptation of the 1960's vampire television series 'Dark Shadows'.