No doubt mindful of the criticism he received last year, Ricky Gervais led a far tamer attack on the world's celebrities at last night's Golden Globes awards (January 15, 2012). He did take the opportunity to make fun of Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp, though and hinged the joke on a little self-promotion whilst he was at it. Referring to the assault he made on Depp's film The Tourist, last year, he said "This time last year, our first presenter was the biggest movie star on the planet. I insulted his film The Tourist, causing his career to plummet so far that he was forced to work with me on my new show, Life's Too Short, which premieres on HBO on Feb. 19." He then went on to introduce Depp to the stage by saying "Please welcome the man who will wear literally anything Tim Burton tells him to, Johnny Depp."

Last year, one of the criticisms leveled at Gervais was that he chose to pick on stars that many considered vulnerable targets, such as Charlie Sheen. This year he mocked the teenager Justin Bieber, over the paternity claims that dogged him last year. Commenting on it, Gervais was cutting: "Justin Bieber nearly had to take a paternity test. What a waste of a test that would have been. No, he's not the father. The only way he could have impregnated the girl was if he borrow one of Martha Stewart's old turkey basters. Open wide."

He also made a light-hearted about the actress Helen Mirren, suggesting that she was something of a wild-child: "She's dreadful. Honestly, you don't see a lot of it because she's got good PR, but she's off the rails."