The man who falsely claimed to have murdered JONBENET RAMSEY desperately wants Johnny Depp to play him in the movie version of his life because he believes they have so much in common. Karr was arrest earlier this month (AUG06) on suspicion of murdering the six-year-old beauty queen in her Colorado home, but yesterday (28AUG06) all charges were dropped pertaining to the case after DNA evidence from the scene eliminated Karr as a suspect. Karr's family has already sold the film and book rights to his life story. The Smoking Gun website has posted transcripts of an audio conversation between Karr and the University Of Colorado journalism professor to whom he falsely confessed, where he talks about his top casting choices. Karr says, "I already know the actor I want to play my part...Johnny Depp...He reminds me so much of me. And he looks like me. "And he would play the part perfectly. Very similar to my personality except for the fact that WILLY WONKA did not know how to treat children, he had no knowledge of how to be around children. "It's his look, it's his age, it's the fact that he's an attractive man and he fits my part perfectly." Karr is currently being extradited to California, where he will face child pornography charges from 2001.