Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley, the stars of Disney's Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, attended Monday night's premiere of the movie in London. The stars spent more than an hour in front of the Leicester Square theater, mingling with fans and signing autographs in 90-degree heat. Early British reviews are just shy of ecstatic. Critic Baz Bamigboye in today's (Tuesday) London Daily Mail commented, "There's a lot to enjoy in this high-priced piece of popcorn. Mind you, it's the best popcorn you're likely to find this summer. ... [It's] wall-to-wall fun, full of pure silliness." The BBC's Nev Pierce fairly shouted, "Brace the mainsail and shiver those timbers, etc, for this is a superb swashbuckler -- rousing, funny and spectacular." Steve Rose, writing in Britain's Guardian, has plenty to complain about, however, including a slow, convoluted opening. "It takes a tortuously long time to get all the narrative plates spinning," Rose writes. But, he concludes, "Despite all the fits, starts, and flaws, there's enough invention and energy here to make you want to see the next installment."