The world's foremost pirate expert has warned Johnny Depp not to start digging up his Bahamas island retreat looking for HENRY MORGAN's buried treasure - because he won't find a doubloon. DAVID CORDINGLEY, the author of UNDER THE BLACK FLAG: THE ROMANCE + REALITY OF LIFE AMONG THE PIRATES, has exploded the myth that islands like Depp's Little Halls Pond Cay are where Caribbean pirates like Morgan hid the gold and silver they plundered. Cordingley, who was a consultant on the first Pirates Of The Caribbean film, says, "The trouble with the buried loot thing is people get obsessed about thinking they've found treasure or there will be treasure on a particular island or whatever, and they'll follow-up manuscript sources and every possible lead. "My research tells me pirates didn't bury their treasure. I mean, what's the point? "Your average pirate captured a ship or raided a port and then went ashore and blew all his money on wine, women and gambling. "The whole treasure island thing is really all down to ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON and his book TREASURE ISLAND. The influence of that book is quite fantastic. "I don't think Johnny Depp will find buried treasure on his island." The actor's retreat, for which he paid a reported $3.5 million (GBP1.9 million) last year (05), is said to be one of pirate legend Morgan's favourite hideaways by Caribbean pirate experts. They claim the reef that surrounds Little Halls Pond Cay has always rendered the island almost unreachable. Depp certainly isn't planning to entertain any unwelcome guests when he's holidaying there - officials at the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism have been told to keep people away from the island, and anyone planning a trip there must seek permission from the actor himself.